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坚持问题导向 强化整改落实----火炬能源公司召开“过程精品工程”月度例会
重温历史守初心 以案为鉴促整改---火炬能源公司召开中高层管理人员会议
New energy battery with good news
The ternary material power lithium ion battery industrialization project will be built
Hebei strengthens battery pollution prevention and control
The United States invented bioenergy batteries, such as thin sheets of paper, which can be used to generate electricity.
Zibo Torch Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 80,000 pieces of copper wire mesh and 15,000 battery cases.
Publicity of Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd. on the environmental protection acceptance of 20t/h industrial boiler gas-to-coal trans


PVC rigid plastic punching partitions

Filling system

3-EVFJ-170 electric vehicle colloidal battery

3-DG-230 lead-acid battery for electric vehicles

CNF series of energy storage with VRLA batteries

lead-acid battery industry, and a member unit of China Shipbuilding  Industry Corporation。 It consists of five specialized companies, three holding subsidiaries and one storage battery product performance detection center。 The company is mainly engaged in development, design and 。。。 。。。


Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd. (formerly Zibo Storage Battery Factory), founded in January 1944, is one of the earliest manufacturers developing and producing lead-acid batteries, the leading enterprise in domestic traction 

Affiliated companies

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